Two Quilts and a Chicken

Two Quilts and a Chicken

There are many things in my life that I love dearly but sometimes the best things are those that you aren’t expecting; like two quilts and a chicken.  When I married The Cop, I knew that I loved him but I didn’t know that I was going to love the two store bought, made in China quilts someone gave him years ago that he brought to the household.  While I never thought they were ugly, I always thought they were plain and just not my style.  I figured I would put them in a closet and drag them out on the rare occasion I needed them; which happened to be all of the time.  I looked at them at thought, “I can make ones I like better.  How hard can it be?”  Turns out, it’s not that hard at all and a quilter was born.  But life is funny sometimes… I use those two quilts more than anything else.  They have kept us warm, kept guests warm, and have been Christmas tree skirts, a place for our dogs to lay, picnic blankets, moving pads, couch covers, pillows, tarps, forts, tablecloths, and a place for the Bloodhound to hide from storms.  They have a hundred different uses.  It took me a long time to realize they are the unsung workhorses of our home.  I use them daily and wash them a couple times a month, if not weekly.  Eight years later, they are still holding strong.

This Spring, we got six chickens.  We were finally in a place in life where we could take the chicken plunge.  I hate ticks more than anything and chickens are the best tick control you’ll ever get.  Plus, I love eggs so that’s a lovely bonus.  The chicken rules were simple: they are not pets (we have enough pets) and they will not get names (names make them pets).  The chicken in “a Chicken?” Her name is Beyonce.  No, not the singer, but my favorite blog post ever.  [Language warning on that link.]  Beyonce is the sassiest chicken ever and she loves us.  She rides around on my arm like a parrot.  There go the chicken rules.  I compulsively plan but two quilts and a chicken proved to me that life happens no matter what your plans.  Might as well just roll with it.


2 responses to “Two Quilts and a Chicken

  1. That “Bloggess” post is probably my favorite in the world! Last year I almost peed my pants in my office when I read it. Then, I read it to Chris. He didn’t find it as amusing, but maybe that’s because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t read it right. I’d like to think that’s the reason, because if the truth is that he just didn’t think it was funny, I’d have to let DH go. Love your new blog btw!


    • Thank you!! Chris and The Cop would probably be great friends then because he doesn’t think it’s all that funny either. Of course, like you when I tried to read it to him I couldn’t stop laughing (or crying) to save my life. Honestly though, I think he just commiserates with Victor and is probably terrified of the next stunt I’m going pull on him. 🙂


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