I’ve never made a quilt for myself.  It really isn’t so strange.   I don’t have the time to make the quilts I want to give as gifts muchless make them for me.  🙂  In the back of my head, I kept thinking that it’s time.  It really is.  I live in New Hampshire for pete’s sake -it’s cold here and I like a quilt to cuddle with on the couch!  Sure, I have a stash of fabric that I cannot wait to quilt for myself, but I haven’t because the actual quilting requires a skill level I have yet to achieve.  Let’s face it: I’m not going to trash my cherished stash of Heather Ross’s Mendocino.  I want to free motion quilt it.  Have you seen my free motion quilting?  Okay, I guess not, but trust me.  Not happening.  I’ve been looking for a fabric and pattern combination I can quilt at my skill level: geometric lines and loose waves.  And then I saw Tula Pink‘s Dreamweaver.  I was struck because Tula Pink speaks of being “that kid who spent hours putting all of my crayons in color order.”  I was that kid too.  I am still that kid.  One of my local (if over an hour away counts as local) quilt stores, Quilted Threads, made one and created a kit for it.  I found myself all the way there because Mommy was visiting from Florida for two weeks and the shop is one of the must-see spots on our list.  🙂  They hadn’t even finished the kit and didn’t have the quilt on display yet, but they busted it out for me because they knew I’d want it.  I love a local quilt shop!!  I’ve never bought a quilt kit before because I’m never quite satisfied with someone else’s fabric choice, but life happens and this was a sign.  The next thing I knew, I was signing for my credit card and walking out the door with it.

Tula Pink Dreamweaver Blocks

I started sewing the day Mommy left to distract me from how sad I was that she was gone.  The sound of that machine is the best cure for what ails ya!  Here are my blocks sewn and waiting to be pieced together.  I can’t stop looking at how pretty the fabric is.  🙂

Quilts From the House of Tula Pink

The Dreamweaver pattern comes from Tula Pink’s book Quilts from the House of Tula Pink: 20 Fabric Projects to Make, Use and Love.  I’m lucky because Quilted Threads offers 20% off all books all the time to compete with Amazon and I bought my book from them.  If you have the option to purchase from your local quilt store do it and support your local shop, but if you don’t click the link above.  If you want to order a kit with similar Birds and Bees fabrics or Prince Charming fabrics and have the option of getting a signed copy of Tula Pink’s book, click here.  It’s pricey to me, but it may be worth it to you.


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