If Only I Didn’t Make Mistakes…

…Then I wouldn’t have to go back and fix them!!  That would be nice.  🙂  I spent my morning fixing a handful of blocks for the Dreamweaver quilt.  I had to.  It would have messed everything up if I didn’t.

Dreamweaver Blocks

The blocks are long and thin so if the seams are not very close to perfect on the contrasting piece (towards the end on the right), then the end of the strip/block (the left on the left) will be way off.  One of these poor souls was off by over 1/4″ at the end.  That’s bad.  It means that the blocks will not be sewn together correctly and will throw off every block that follows.  I can’t take that.  I just can’t.  In fact, they were off so badly that I couldn’t trim them down to size.  Which brings me to mention that I always trim my blocks square before I piece them together.

Squaring Dreamweaver Blocks

Yes, it’s an extra step that takes time, but I would rather have a nicer finished quilt than rush through it just to get it done.  🙂  I typically make my blocks a little larger than I need so that I can block them perfectly square before I move on to my next step without losing any size in the process.  In my own experience, it is best to trim the edges in stages as you need to piece them together.  For the blocks, I only trimmed the long edges of the blocks because my step step in making the quilt is to piece them into panels like below:

Dreamweaver Panel

Then I’ll trim the long edge of the panel (which is made up of the short edges of the individual blocks) to attach it to the sashing that will go between the panels as shown in the layout from Tula Pink’s pattern:

Tula Pink Dreamweaver Layout

My final trim will be when I square off the edges of the quilt before attaching the binding.  All of the trimming makes the process longer, but I think the final quilt is well worth the effort.  🙂

In other news, it is a rainy day here in New Hampshire as the remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea come through New England.  Back home (Inglis, Florida) they got a bunch of rain and light wind, but it wasn’t anything major, thank goodness.  Everyone does have some stuff to clean up around the yard though.


5 responses to “If Only I Didn’t Make Mistakes…

  1. I know all too well the pains of one pesky block rebelling against the others, needing to be JUST short enough to mess things up for the rest of them! It looks really nice though. 😀


  2. I believe in doing things properly; craftmanship, artisan, high quality. Indeed it takes longer to finish, but then you won’t be ashamed to post close-up photos of your work. Fabulous pattern, haven’t seen it before! And your fabric choices are fresh and warm!


  3. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to matching seams etc. so I know how you feel. You’ll be much happier with the finish if you correct errors, even though you’d probably be the only one to know they were there in the end. I’m so pleased I found an new lovely blog to follow. Thank you for visiting mine 🙂


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