Savoring the Day Off

Sewing Tula Pink Dreamweaver Panels

I work at one of the MASSIVE state liquor stores on the Interstate.  We’re a tourist destination.  We have a gift shop.  Those are true stories.  I am so grateful to have the job and especially that I get good hours, but I shake my head at how nasty some people can be.  Being there day-in and day-out can really suck the life out of you.  After the last week of school and work, I need this day off.  🙂   The best part is that I took the morning for myself while the house is quiet.  The afternoon will be for chores, but this morning was for me and I feel good having had the time to myself.  Among other things, I worked on my Master’s final project and I finished piecing the panels for the Dreamweaver quilt.  It was such a peaceful morning that I think I’ll remember it forever.  🙂

Jake Helping Me Iron

The babies even napped all morning to help me out.  Naturally, Jake had to be right at my side.  For Jake, that means wiggling around to get his head on my feet while I iron.  It didn’t take me long, but by the time I was done, he was so sound asleep that I was able to get my feet out from under him without his noticing.  That position doesn’t look remotely comfortable but The Cat and I spent a couple of the 2004 hurricanes napping contently in the bathtub* so who am I to judge.  🙂  *The bathroom was the only room in my apartment without windows.

Dreamweaver Panels are Finished!

Here they are!  I am so in love with this quilt and I cannot wait to finish it.  I honestly wish I could just quilt all day until it’s done!


2 responses to “Savoring the Day Off

  1. Ooh what a shiny sewing machine 🙂 mine is the most basic brother model they make, he’s bearing up pretty well though! I feel guilty lusting after yours after all the hard work mine puts in 🙂


    • AWWW! Thank you! 🙂 She is my little work horse and I love her. I actually got her two years ago as my step up from my very basic Brother that was ten years old and on life support. My poor Brother just couldn’t take it anymore when I started quilting. 🙂


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