Indecision Thursday

When I bought the quilt kit for the Dreamweaver quilt (Tula Pink) I was blinded by love for the sample quilt.  It’s the first quilt kit I’ve ever bought.  I typically pass on them because the fabric selection is never quite what I want.  As I happily accepted the quilt kit and plunked down my payment, I had the nagging feeling that maybe I would like a darker sashing for it.  (For my friends that don’t know, sashing is the strips that run between the color panels.)  I like gray sashing.  A. Lot.  But for this quilt, I don’t know that I am completely in love with the light gray sashing that came with the kit and was used in the original sample quilt I saw at Quilted Threads.  I realized it as I went to cut the sashing this morning.  So I stopped to compare with a darker gray and, quite naturally, I cannot make up my mind.  Welcome to Indecision Thursday.  For those of you who haven’t known me longer than three-and-a-half minutes, Indecision Thursday will be followed by Indecision Friday.  HAHAHA!  I wish I jest.  🙂  So here I am, asking for your thoughts.  Do you think the colors of the quilt pop better on the light gray or the dark gray?*

*By the way, I’ve spelled it “grey” my entire life thanks to Earl Grey tea, but I’m really working on learning to consistently spelling it “gray” because students ALWAYS harass me about it among other things.  I love them.  Yes, I always have to use the little mnemonic EVERY time I type the word!!  🙂

Sashing 1a

Sashing 1b

Keep in mind that this is NOT the dark gray I will be using if I go with a darker gray.  This is actually my table cloth.  I just don’t have any dark gray on hand right now.

Sashing 2a

Sashing 2b

Sashing 3a

Sashing 3b

I realize that some colors pop better on the light gray than the dark gray and vice versa, BUT overall, what do you think?

I really need to learn more about how to format posts because this looks awful!!  But I think you get the idea… 🙂


8 responses to “Indecision Thursday

  1. Hi! I second that – dark grey…actually light and dark grey are my favourites for sashing at the moment, just in the middle of making some quilting bee blocks with a combination for the background, you can’t go wrong!


  2. Well, it sounds like I’m late to the dark grey party as you’ve already made up your mind, but I agree. It was one of those times, though, where I immediately said dark grey, then thought, no, maybe light, then no, definitely dark, so I completely understand your indecision!


    • Thanks!! I’m going to compare a light and dark at the quilt store (when I finally make it there!). The light gray works for so many of the colors but the dark gray works for so many other colors. I’m starting to wonder if what I need is actually a medium gray!!!! LOL 🙂


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