Getting My Act in Gear

It’s official… I am going to go pick out a dark gray fabric for my Dreamweaver quilt sashing.  Thank you to everyone who gave me input on Indecision Thursday!!  The problem is that I’m working the next 7,789 days in a row at the Booze Palace so it will be a while before I can make it to the quilt store.  Bummer.  But I have no less than 13 projects in the pipeline so I’ve got PLENTY to keep me busy.  Yay for tackling the To Do list!  So here is a sneak peek at eight blocks from a project that is dear to my heart…

Cocoon Blocks

This fabric is Cocoon from Valori Wells.  The project is one that I’ve had planned for quite a while.  It is for a very special little someone who loves her some nature and this quilt is long overdue for such a sweet little heart.  You’ll notice that a lot of my projects feature older fabric… that’s because I’ve had it hanging around in the project pipeline that long.  I was finally able to start working on it while The Cop was away on an extradition.  Quilting keeps me from getting too mopey when he’s out of state for several days.  After finally getting started, I had to pack it away again because I got so busy with school and work and school and work and grocery shopping and school and moving and school and work.  Whew!  Well, my darling quilt, here we are again!

This beautiful fabric is from my first and maybe my last jelly roll.  This thing was cut so uneven it made me nuts.  Some strips were 2 1/2″ and others were 2 3/4″.  Still others varied from 2 1/2″ at one end to 2 7/8″ at the other end.  It was madness, I tell you!!  It will take me a long time to get over the trauma of having rip and re-sew everything once I figured out what was going on.  I’m not into doing things that make my eye twitch so I don’t know if I’ll buy another jelly roll.  At the very least, I’m not working with another one unless I get to break out my tape measure in the quilt shop.  🙂

Be on the lookout for this beauty in more posts over the next week!!


One response to “Getting My Act in Gear

  1. This is going to be beautiful and gray is always a good neutral! I can’t wait to see it finished…maybe you can call in sick one day at the booze palace!


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