A New Beginning, Sort Of

It’s been raining all day.  The summer coolness and the steady sound of rain has lulled everyone into a quiet calm this evening.  I love evenings at home but this is one of those rare, perfect ones.  It is a comforting quiet.  It isn’t the same as quiet alone time.  Everyone is home this evening, but we’re comfortably in our own minds and relaxing together… even Jake.

The relaxed state of mind really got me thinking.  The calendar year may start in January, but my personal year starts every August; my birthday.  Unintentionally, I often reflect on the last year of my life about this time.  It has been a hell of a year.  About this time last year, I was looking over the edge of the sanity cliff… and like an idiot, I had no idea.  I managed to pull it together because I’m awesome (but mostly because I worked really hard at it).  Flash forward to now: I’ve had a good week.  I got my pantry organized so I’m definitely putting that in the life win column.

Here’s how the last year of my life has gone:

  • August – Absolutely clueless as to what was going on.
  • September – WTF?
  • October – [deer in headlights]
  • November – I got this.  I really do.
  • December – Christmas!!  I freaking love Christmas.  Oh, and I got a Master’s degree.  That’s something.
  • January – We never got above freezing and spent a lot of days below 10 degrees.  That sucked.
  • February – I don’t really remember February.  Don’t tell me the same thing hasn’t happened to you.  It’s February for [bleep]’s sake.  It’s the forgotten month.
  • March – Spring is coming and it is going to be the best thing ever!!
  • April – The World’s Greatest Cat got very sick at the start of the month.  I cared for him all month long and he passed on the 28th.
  • May – In a funk, mourning the loss of the World’s Greatest Cat.
  • June – The Flu.  Seriously?!  Followed by secondary respiratory and sinus infections.  Because the Flu isn’t enough.
  • July – Trying to get my life back together from being sick for a month.

Now, before you start thinking my year was an awful one of gloom, believe me when I say it wasn’t.  First of all, I came through it just fine.  There’s always something to be said for that.  Second, a lot of large bad things happened, but I measure my life by the little things.  All of the fabulous little things overwhelmed the [poop] storm of bad stuff and I’m grateful for that.

In thinking about my year, I realized: 1.) I am still stupid in love with the Cop; 2.) I haven’t written much of anything; 3.) life flies by when I’m not writing about it (seriously, where did this year go?!); 4.) I haven’t touched my sewing machine at all; and 5.) [Son-of-a-girl-dog].  I swear there were five things but now I’ve forgotten the last one.  [Bleep].  So, I need to start writing [poop] down before I forget it.  Like that’s actually going to happen.  [shrug]  A bunch of random thoughts later and I realized that I wanted to restart my blog.  I love Facebook but it isn’t cutting it as a creative/memoir outlet.  I need that blog.  I like that blog.  Except I don’t want it to be about one thing.  I want it to be about whatever I feel like that day because that’s really how I live my life.  So that’s exactly what it’s going to be.  I imported what I had written about food and combined it with the quilting blog so I wouldn’t lose it forever and I kept the name Two Quilts and Chicken because it still rings true.

Ma is always pestering me about writing a book.  That’s because she’s touched in the head.  She really thinks I’m something special.  No, really.  All Moms think their kids are special but mine thinks I know how to make her computer problems go away; despite all evidence to the contrary.  She believes in me the way I believe in the Lions.  I love her.  So here you go, Lady.  Here’s your book.  Don’t argue with me.  Print the pages and staple them together.  See?  Book.  xoxo

Now, a post is pretty empty without pictures so here’s a few random highlights of the fun stuff that’s been going on since last year…

Jacob spent a month in a cone. He was a nightmare. Clearly, he had no sense of shame about it.  We were all excited when he got that freaking thing off.


I left love notes for the family… and tried to cut my grocery bill.


I started making refrigerator pickles. WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS SOONER?!?! It convinced me I should start making more of the stuff I find on Pinterest.


I fell in love with a mop.  No, I am not kidding.


My Christmas tree tried to kill me. Seriously.


The Youngest and I fell in love with a flavor at Orange Leaf. They hooked us and then took it away. [sigh]

Ours girls started laying rainbow eggs.


I found a new iris obsession. If you have an idea as to what variety this is, let me know in the comments!!


luke recovery

Shortly after we lost the World’s Greatest Cat, we found a LARGE cancerous growth in Luke’s mouth. We opted for a more invasive surgery to give Luke the best chance at a full recovery. The surgery went very well and all of his margins were clear. Now, it’s a waiting game to see if the cancer spread. There were no initial signs that it had but we go back every three months to check.

So that’s the recap! I’m looking forward to getting this site back on track and running.


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