Hello, 2016!

[looks around]

It’s 2016.

Huh.  I swear the last time I looked, we were just rolling into 2015.  What an odd year 2015 was in a lot of different ways.  I’m a big fan of self-reflection but I think I’d rather let 2015 go the way of CDs and embrace the now.  There’s just no point in ignoring the present to focus on the past.  It’s really no way to live.

What I realized in the first 17 days of 2016 is I haven’t written about anything because I haven’t sought significant growth.  I’ve gotten bogged down in the details of life (mainly trying to “fix” everything) and lost sight of the big picture: making meaning of life.  Everyone makes meaning of their experiences differently but for me it’s writing.  There’s real science to back that up.  Google “reflective writing” and look it over.  Or if you wait long enough I’ll write about it.  Eventually.  [Flips through calendar]  I think I’ve got a little time in 2019 I can free up for that essay but don’t go committing to that in pen because it’s really going to depend on Warner Bros’ DC superhero movie lineup. I’m willing to give up sugar, but I’m not willing to give up fangirling.  Uhm… Wait.  Justice League 2 with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is going to drop in 2019 so let’s pencil that essay in for 2020 and see what happens.

Wonder Woman



Yea, I did say I’m giving up sugar.

Watch me.

No, I’m not kidding.

I know but I’m serious.

I can’t ignore the problem anymore and expect to make it to 80… sugar is a toxic poison in the amounts I have consumed my whole life.  I don’t do heroin because I’m not into poison so it’s time I stopped doing sugar.  There’s so much you can Google (until the DC superhero movie schedule allows me time to write about it) but for now consider my three primary motivations:

This is not going to be the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  In fact, I’ve fought this battle a couple of times in the last two years.  The difference now?  I found a program that works for me.  I tried it out and it’s a winner because it keeps me motivated like nothing else.  Besides, by the time the Wonder Woman movie drops in 2017, I’m gonna look FIERCE in my Halloween cosplay!!*

Wonder Woman

* There is considerable chance I will be too lazy** to actually make said cosplay.

** By “lazy” I actually mean lazy.


Other Inspiration

Two books inspired my decision to quit sugar…

Anne Alexander’s The Sugar Smart Diet:


Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar:

Both books offer lots of information about what sugar does to the body and a game plan to help you kick the habit.  Although I did not follow the diet plans*, the information and inspiration was a game changer in my life.  These writers made me want to live without sugar in my diet.

* Tried with each but couldn’t stick with it.  Not every plan works for every person so the biggest thing for me is that I kept looking until I found what did.

[Purchase through the links and you help me with a small percent of the sale.]



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