Week 5

Week 5 of 2016 is here already!!

People, January is over.  How is this happening so fast?!

I spent a bit of time today meal planning for this week.  Just because I can’t do the 21 Day Fix workout doesn’t mean I can’t follow the food plan.  I hate meal planning.  It sucks.  Do you know how much organization it takes to plan meals for week?  It’s time, effort, shopping, prepping.  Then when Thursday rolls around, WTF do I do when I don’t want what I planned for dinner.  What then?!

I’ll tell you what then… I order pizza.  And this is how I fail at meal planning every. single. time. So I started doing things a bit differently.  There’s no shortage for ways to eat healthy or names to give these trends and lifestyles, but what if all I want to do is eat real [insert-inappropriate-word here] food without having to worry about meal planning, calorie counts, tracking everything, and did this avocado destroy a colony of bees?

I sat down and made myself a couple of guidelines for food:

  • no sugar
  • avoid flour (because it behaves like sugar in the body)
  • limited processing
  • portion control
  • don’t be too strict because the goal is a good relationship with food


January Recap…

The bad: I’m still in a lot of pain from the December 22nd car accident.  I still can’t workout normally, sleep normally, walk normally, stand normally, or climb stairs like anything other than a one-year-old learning to walk.  There are plenty of times that all I think is: fml.

The good: There’s a lot of it.  Either that or I’m subconsciously ignoring the bad and focusing primarily on the good.  Either way, I don’t care.  I’m never going to get better worry about stuff I can’t control.

  1. I’m still in physical therapy three times a week and these are the best physical therapist I’ve ever worked with.
  2. I finished my first round of 21 Day Fix for the new year and while I did not get the results I got the first time, I did lose 3 lbs in 3 weeks.  Not bad considering I could not do ANY of the exercise program.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.
  3. In place of the 21 Day Fix workouts that I love, I am doing physical therapy exercises that my physical therapists are approving one by one as I make a bit of progress. It’s a slow process but every week has brought a new thing I’m approved to do.
  4. To keep myself motivated and focused on my getting healthy goal, I’ve been playing the 21 Day Fix workout videos in the background while I do my physical therapy exercises.  Week 3 was rough.  I had to turn the videos off a couple of times because all I was thinking about was how sad I was that I can’t just move normally.  I completely gave up one day.  Another all I could think about was that I’m kidding myself.  I talked to the physical therapists.  I doubled down on thinking about the positive feedback my physical therapists are giving me.  It’s hard to keep going when you’re sad because you feel like you’re getting nowhere, but when you force yourself to have positive thoughts about the smallest triumph, those thoughts start to take over and you keep going.
Normally, I put Jake behind the gate when I workout because he wants to play when I'm one the floor. Today, I forgot... and he wanted to cuddle.

Normally, I put Jake behind the gate when I workout because he wants to play when I’m on the floor. But I forgot… and he wanted to cuddle.

Besides it’s hard not to feel good when a Chocolate Lab thinks you are the greatest thing in all of the world.



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